Requiem for a Wren

Nevil Shute


Nevil Shute

(1899 - 1960)


Requiem For A Wren is a novel by Nevil Shute. It was first published in 1955 by William Heinemann Ltd. It was published in the United States under the title The Breaking Wave.

Alan Duncan is a lawyer, recently called to the Bar in England, returning home to his wealthy parents' prosperous sheep ranch in Australia. He studied as a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford University and fought as a pilot in World War II before being injured in action and losing both feet in an air crash. His arrival home is marred by the apparent suicide of his parents' housekeeper, a young Englishwoman called Jessie Proctor. Alan realises that this troubled woman must have left her personal papers hidden somewhere in the event that her suicide attempt was not successful.



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