The Magician's Nephew (CN6)

C. S. Lewis


C. S. Lewis

(1898 - 1963)


The Magician's Nephew is a high fantasy novel for children by C. S. Lewis, published by Bodley Head in 1955. It was the sixth published of seven novels in The Chronicles of Narnia (1950–1956); it is volume one in recent editions, which are sequenced according to Narnia history. 

The Magician's Nephew is a prequel to the books of the same series. The middle third of the novel features creation of the Narnia world by Aslan the lion, centered at a lamp-post brought by accidental observers from London during year 1900. The visitors then participate in the beginning of Narnia history, 1000 years before The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe (which inaugurated the series in 1950). The frame story set in England features two children ensnared in experimental travel via "the wood between the worlds". 



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