Farewell, My Lovely

Raymond Chandler


Raymond Chandler

(1888 - 1959)


Private detective Philip Marlowe is investigating a dead-end case when he sees a felon, Moose Malloy, barging into a nightclub looking for his ex-girlfriend Velma Valento. The club has changed owners, so no one now there knows her. Malloy ends up killing the manager and escaping. The case of the murder of the club manager, a black man, is given to a detective named Nulty with a reputation for laziness and incompetence. Marlowe advises Nulty to look for Malloy's girlfriend but Nulty prefers to rely on finding Malloy based on his size and loud clothes. Marlowe decides to follow up and look for the girl.

He tracks down the widow of the nightclub's former owner, who claims Malloy's girlfriend is dead. But Marlowe sees her hiding a photo of someone he assumes is Velma... 



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